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Madagascar Prawns Peeled & Deveined, Tail Off (3.3lb bag, approx 60 shrimp per bag, frozen)

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Responsible, sustainable, and DELICIOUS!

3.3lb bag, approx 60 shrimp per bag, Individually quick frozen


Who is Unima? 

For over 30 years, the Unima Group has been a pioneer in the Malagasy shrimp industry. It has developed ecological fishing and farming models by applying the best practices in the world, which respect and preserve the environment. Employing 4,000 people, Unima is Madagascar’s most important shrimp exporter with an annual yield of 7,500 tons of shrimp, highly appreciated by the most demanding consumers.

Internationally recognized for its practice of responsible fishing, Unima , with its fleet of 6 trawlers, catches 500 tons of wild shrimp per year, strictly implementing the FAO code of conduct in order to maintain sustainable marine resources.


Unima has played a key role in setting up responsible fishing practices in Madagascar, mainly through its role as a founding member of the GAPCM (Group of Shrimp Aquaculture and Fishery operators of Madagascar). Together with this organisation and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Group has initiated a procedure of eco-certification for fisheries.


Unima has opted for a low density stocking model of 5 to 10 shrimp per square metre, instead of over 50 in intensive farming. This model guarantees a sustainable production of high quality shrimp.

The shrimp food is partly provided by their natural environment. It is complemented with a supply of strictly controlled nutrients of marine and plant origin, which will soon be produced by the Group. Medicinal additives as well as meal containing GM or terrestrial animal ingredients are strictly prohibited on Unima farms.

Unima is the first company worldwide to have successfully domesticated the Penaeus monodon species. Thus it disposes of its own healthy, strictly controlled broodstock, without having to take them from the sea. The shrimp grow naturally, at their own speed, to an impressive size in conditions similar to those of their natural environment. This explains their unique flavour and texture.

Environmental Protection

Conscious of the environment, Unima applies strict ecological standards. The Group's aquaculture sites are considered as a benchmark in the industry. In collaboration with the WWF, Unima has initiated the eco-certification of Malagasy aquaculture.

As a result of Unima ’s strong commitment, more than 97% of the original mangroves have been preserved and even increased by planting 650,000 mangrove seedlings. Unima is also engaged in reforestation programmes of eucalyptus, acacia, teak and casuarinas trees.

Unima is determined to reduce to a strict minimum the impact of its sites on nature. It carries out a close environmental monitoring of the fauna, flora and water quality. Its sites are deliberately located far from one another in order to preserve the eco-systems and ensure their bio-security.

Community Development

Located in landlocked regions, the Unima sites provide real opportunities for development to these often deprived areas.

In accordance with its values , and with a concern for local traditions, Unima does not only finance the infrastructures for its own staff, but by developing local communities, the Group also encourages local inhabitants to implicate themselves in their future.

For instance, Unima ’s community development team has contributed to build a school for 600 pupils, public health-care centres, including maternity facilities, sewage infrastructures, roads, ecological, solid earthen brick houses and market gardens, providing commerce and income for families. It has also monitored installations to supply drinking water.

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