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American Butcher All-Natural Ground Beef (10lb case, frozen)

Painted Hills Natural Beef

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Ground by our very own Chef Sully at our American Butcher facility in Birmingham. A delicious combination of Painted Hills sirloin and short plate (for fat). 

10lb case, 4 x 2.5lb pack, frozen


No Added Hormones or Antibiotics.


At Painted Hills Natural Beef, their families have been ranching in Central Oregon, specifically Wheeler County, in the shadow of the state’s famed Painted Hills, for generations. Seven ranching families founded and became the first board of directors and members of Painted Hills Natural Beef some 20 years ago with the notion that beef could be better, could taste better. They wanted to ensure the people who choose their beef could count on a consistent experience, from preparation to enjoyment, every time.

Over the years a couple of the faces have changed but the PHNB goal remains the same; they are still family rancher owned-and-operated. While the times have changed, their methods of ranching the way nature intended have not. That means pasture raising their cattle without the use of added hormones and never given antibiotics. It means taking the time, care, and effort to do things right. It means for you a beef that’s as striking as the natural wonders it’s named after.

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