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Israeli Osetra Caviar (farmed, Israel)

Inland Seafood

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This true "Osetra" caviar is produced by the eggs of the Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, that have medium sizes pearls with a brilliant appearance ranging from dark to amber brown and has a pronounced, pleasingly nutty finish on the palette creating a heavenly experience for every gourmet.

The Russian word "ocetp" translates to the English word "sturgeon." In its native habitat, the prized Osetra sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) were facing extinction and were classified as endangered in 1996.

To protect the wild population, Osetra sturgeon are now sustainably farm-raised by many producers across the globe. The Caviar Galilee Company, now Karat Caviar, is one of the longest running fish farms on the Kibbutz Dan in Israel. With pristine spring fed ponds boasting a constant flow rate and optimal year-round temperature, the caviar Karat produces is admired world-wide for its impeccable quality. Using water from the nearby Dan River, this true Osetra caviar is raised from Russian brood stock and embodies all the same qualities as the coveted wild "Royal" Osetra. 

1 oz jar

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